Gel Ball

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What is Gel Ball?

Gel Ball is an exciting new revolution in the world of shooting games that is similar to Airsoft or Paintball but much lower impact. The soft, water-based Gel balls bounce off their target leaving no stain or mess. Unlike Nerf, which takes time to reload, Gel ball Blasters hold around 700 shots without reloading! They’re easy to shoot and can provide hours of fun! For Ages 8+

Rules & Safety

  • Treat Every Blaster like it is loaded
  • Only point at what you are shooting at
  • Keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  • Do not shoot non players (Referee), players who are out, TV or Lights
  • Masks always stay on. If you remove your mask, you will be removed from the game. If it happens a 2nd time, you cannot play anymore.
  • If you need any assistance or need to leave the game, stand up and raise your arms in the air
  • Do not climb, hang, move any of the obstacles or barriers. Be careful of other players, obstacles, and the equipment. IF YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT.
Gel Ball Arena with Black Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions that are not listed? Please feel free to reach out by contacting us here.

What are Gel Ball Blasters?

Our Gel Ball blasters are electronic guns, that have single shot, semi auto or fully auto which shoots around 10 balls per second! However, we do recommend players shoot in semi-automatic. The hoppers hold around 750 gel balls and can be reloaded easily. These guns will shoot approximately 100 feet!

What are Gel Balls (Ammo)?

They are super absorbent polymer beads that expand when soaked in water. Not only do they leave no mess or stain, but they’re biodegradable and non-toxic.

Does it hurt?

Since the guns use low pressure, getting hit with a gel ball feels like a snap of a rubber band. Most of the time, everyone is shooting from farther away so there’s no sting at all. To avoid any type of sting, just be sure to cover up with clothes! Obviously the closer you are the more it will hurt.

Do you supply ALL Equipment / Gear?

Yes. We provide you with a full face mask, Gel Blaster, Gel Balls and Scoring Vest. Additional hoppers may be purchased. Our hoppers hold 750 Gel Balls

Can we bring our own Equipment / Gear / Gel Balls?

You may bring your own gun, but you must purchase the gel balls and hoppers from us.

Is the Game Over if we run out of ammo?

That is up to you. If you run out of Ammo during game play, you can purchase additional hoppers or leave the game. Our Hoppers hold 750 Gel Balls. It is use it or lose it, so any unused gel balls are forfeited after game is over.

What is the arena like?

Our Arena is an enclosed 2400 sf area with astroturf flooring, 12 ft ceiling, blacklights and various types of obstacles and barriers throughout. There is a TV inside the arena so teams can see their scores.

Gel Ball Pricing

Single Play

  • $7 per player
  • 10-minute game
  • 1 hopper each (750 gel balls)
  • Full Mask
  • Gel Blaster
  • Scoring Vest
  • Additional Hoppers $7 each
Gel Ball Masks
Gel Ball Arena with Black Lighting
Gel Ball Arena with Black Lighting
Gel Ball Arena with Black Lighting
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