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All Attractions are First Come, First Serve and Pay As You Go!


  • 4 Lanes, Play by the game or by the hour
  • 6 people per lane
  • Monday – Thursday before 5:00 PM cost is $25, after 5:00 PM $30
  • Friday – Sunday before 5:00 PM cost is $30, after 5:00 PM $35
  • Shoe Rental is $4


Are you ready for an adrenaline packed, 8min race around our 725ft long track hitting speeds up to 40mph?

  • $20 per person per race (plus tax)
  • Race Packages: $20 for 1 Race, $35 for 2 Races, $50 for 3 Races
  • MUST be same person for package prices
  • Requirements: Height – min. 4’10” – max. 6’5″ | Weight Limit – 300lbs
  • MUST be 13yrs or older

Please Note: All drivers are responsible for driving safely, and any damage to the kart, track or barrier system, while driving, is the responsibility of the driver. Our Karting Liability Coverage provides protection and peace of mind. If you are to damage a kart, track or barrier system, you are responsible for repair costs. Karting Liability Coverage limits your exposure.


  • Ages 12 and under
  • $10 all day play
  • MUST have socks
  • MUST have adult with them at ALL times

Zip Lines

Race to the finish line on our 29ft high, 300ft long racing ziplines reaching speeds of 15mph!

  • $13 for 1 zip, $24 for 2 zips or $35 for 3 zips
  • We have a racing zip, which means two people go at the same time
  • Weight Limit: minimum 75lbs, maximum 275lbs
  • MUST have closed toed shoes; shoes must be secured to foot with laces, velcro or buckles!

Smash Room

  • 1 person at a time
  • BYOBreakables – $20 for 20 minutes
  • Smash Sesh – $30 for 15 breakables (20 minute session)
  • Add Ons: $20 for small electronics, $50 for Large TV, $20 Smash Package – 10 bottles, 10 clay discs, 2 liquor or wine bottles (items may vary)


  • Game for 2 to 4 players
  • knock over your opponent’s bowling pins with the football first. You can’t interfere with the ball and it is in play until it comes to a rest.
  • The cost is $5 per person for 30 minutes of play time


  • Browse our variety of traditional and new arcade games
  • First come, first serve and pay as you go!


  • $10 per lane per hour