League Rules

How It Works

Our axe-throwing league will run for 7 weeks.  Players will be allowed to have practice throws and warm up for the first 20 minutes each week.  For the first 6 weeks everyone will get 40 competitive throws per night.

Player’s scores for each throw will be tallied and recorded to ensure that we’re not ranking you based on who you go up against, rather, your skills at hitting the bullseye to achieve top scores.  Top players will advance to the Championship Tournament in week 7 to determine the Battle Axes League Champion!

Game Play

  • Each league night allows every participant 4 matches; matches will be spaced 10 minutes apart
  • Each match is played against different opponents – selected at random – and consists of the following:
    • 10 throws per match
    • In each match, players will throw 5 times then switch sides; this ensures fair play when accounting for varying density in wood
    • The winner of the match will be the player with the most points after 10 throws
    • In the event of a tie after 10 throws, players will enter sudden death:
      • The players will throw again (11th time) and the winner will be the person that scores the higher points during that throw
      • If both players tie again, they must continue with sudden death throws until there is a winner
      • Points are not counted or tallied during sudden death
  • The match points and win/loss will be recorded and uploaded to the league leaderboards
  • After 6 weeks, the 7th and final week of each season will be the playoffs and final match to determine the season champion


  • Bullseye (center circle) is worth 5 points
  • The inner circle is worth 3 points
  • The outer circle is worth 1 point
  • The clutches (red dots) are worth 7 points
  • The clutch is only in play on the tenth and final throw of the match, otherwise they are worth 1 point
  • Players must throw their axes at the same time.  The Pit Boss will provide a countdown starting from 3 (3,2,1) to indicate when the axes are to be thrown
  • If an axe hits the target before the second player’s axe leaves their hands, the late thrower will be awarded 0 points

Technicalities of Scoring

  • Touching the Line:  If the axe is in 2 rings simultaneously, the player will receive credit for the point value in which the majority of the blade lies (i.e. ‘50% rule’).  In other words, if it’s not easily determined that 50% or more of the blade lies in one point value, the league administrator will use a caliper to determine how many points will be awarded.
  • Stick and Stay Policy:  The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count.  If the axe falls out before the axe is retrieved, then the throw will be counted as 0 points
  • No Delays in Throws:  Players may not “delay” throwing the axe in hopes that opponent’s axe may fall out of the target or use delays for strategic advantage
  • Oddball Throws:  On the rare occasion that the axe sticks to the target with the back of the blade, the shaft of the axe, or any other part of the axe, the throw still counts and points will be awarded accordingly

Axe Throwing Techniques

  •  Players are allowed to throw axes in one of two ways:
    • 1 hand holding the axe, over or behind the head, or to the side
    • 2 hands holding the axe, over or behind the head
  • No other style of throws permitted
  • The axe must make approximately 1 rotation in order for it to count
  • If the axe is close to making a full rotation (i.e. 50% rotation) and a portion of the blade touches and sticks to the target, the throw counts

Axe Throwing Distance

  • Players must have their lead foot behind the yellow line when throwing the axe
  • A player’s lead foot is allowed to touch the line during the throw but no part of their foot may cross the line
  • If any part of their foot crosses the line at the commencement of their throw or during the release of the throw, their throw will be counted as a zero
  • If any part of their foot crosses the line after the axe is released the throw is valid and counted


  • If a player arrives late for one or more of their matches, or leaves before their matches are completed:
    • The player that was scheduled to go against him will be granted an automatic win but will perform 10 throws and have their points recorded
    • The late player will automatically receive a loss and a zero for all throws
    • Exceptions are allowed with consent of opposing players affected that day and approval from Pit Boss
  • Players are allowed to miss up to 2 days of regulation play during the season and make up their matches and throws in subsequent weeks:
    • Players must make up any missed matches by week 7, otherwise, a loss will be attributed to their absence with a score of 0
    • In order to be eligible to make-up a regulation league night match, players are required to give a minimum 1-day notice to the Pit Boss of their absence

Playoff Exceptions

  • Players are required to arrive to the playoffs at the start of regulation play
  • If a player is not present when their match begins, a 10-minute grace period will be offered
  • If the player does not show up, they will forfeit their match and the player that is present will be awarded the win
  • If the player arrives during their grace period, but is late for their next match, they will be immediately disqualified


  • Pit Bosses must always be present while members are throwing during league play
  • A 6′ radius should be maintained around every participant holding an axe, however, the Pit Boss may approach the participants and enter this 6′ radius to provide instruction
  • An axe should never be thrown until a Pit Boss has provided a demo and instruction for which the participant has been present
  • Throwing:
    • Axes from each player should be thrown at the same time
    • If an individual throws an axe after the other axe has hit the target, the individual who threw their axe late will have their throw disqualified and counted as a zero
  • Pit Bosses may give up to 2 warnings per match to individuals who throw up to 3 seconds after the first throw (when both players are at the line and ready to throw)
  • Pit Bosses may give up to 2 warnings per match to individuals who are throwing too early
  • Axes are to be retrieved only when both axes have hit the target or the floor
  • Axes shall never be thrown when a participant is picking up an axe from the target area. This will result in an immediate disqualification (counted as a loss) for that match

Regular Season

  • The entire season lasts 7 weeks including playoffs
  • Duration the 6 weeks of league players will accumulate their season total allowing for 240 throws that officially contribute to each player’s season standings


  • The top 16 players with the most points will advance to the final week of playoffs, where a champion is crowned.  In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the number of match wins will determine the standings for playoffs
  • If less than 16 players advance, the top scoring 75% of players will be eligible for playoffs
  • A minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 16 players may qualify for the playoffs
  • Initial tournament match-ups will be determined as follows:
    • The player with the highest score will throw against the player with the lowest score.  The second highest scorer from the regular season will be matched against the second lowest scorer of qualifying players and so on so that the two players with the median scores are matched up
  • The tournament follows a single-elimination structure for each round except the final round:
    • The final round between the two potential league champions will consist of at most 50 throws.  Each player will throw 5 times on their respective target before switching to the other target
    • The person who wins 3 out of the 5 matches for the last round will be the tournament winner

Code of Conduct

The mission of Battle Axes leagues is to promote competition through sportsmanship and fair play.  Our leagues/events should be played in a sportsmanship-like manner.  Although competition may become intense, we expect our participants to maintain a high degree of sportsmanship up to and after the final throw.  As a participant in any Battle Axes tournament or event, you must pledge to:

  • Respect the game, play fairly, and follow all rules and policies
  • Accept and respect the decisions of our officials
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games, won or lost
  • Be responsible for the sportsmanship of teammates and assist in maintaining a respectful environment for all participants
  • Be courteous to opposing players, teams, officials, spectators, monitors, or facilitators and treat all players and officials with respect
  • Help to maintain and keep all equipment and conditions at the facility in good condition
  • Obey all facility rules, while respecting all equipment, common areas, playing areas, parking areas, and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Refrain from the use of abusive language or profanity, including but not limited to contemptuous, discriminatory, or derogatory words or actions concerning race, color, language, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of any player, official staff member, or spectator
  • Not engage in verbal, written, or physical threats or abuse aimed at any participant, official, staff member, or spectator
  • Not initiate a fight, scuffle, or exchange with any individual, including but not limited to pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, verbal threats, or harassment
  • Not allow, use, or encourage illegal drugs at any location
  • Wear/use all required and issued equipment and/or uniforms


Sports are filled with judgment calls and, as a result, disputes between players, opponents, and staff may occur from time to time.  However, it is important that participants respect and handle all disputes that may occur in a civilized manner.  No one may argue/protest a call made by a Battle Axes official.  Protests for player eligibility or rule misapplications/misinterpretations are time-sensitive and must be made before the next throw.  All decisions made by on-site Battle Axes officials must be respected and obeyed.  Any feedback regarding rules, players, officials, or staff members should be brought to the attention of a Battle Axes manager during normal business hours in written form.  Any behavior deemed unacceptable by a Battle Axes official may result in a verbal warning, ejection, suspension, and/or expulsion as outlined below.  Repeated Code of Conduct violations by the same player or team could result in an expulsion from the league without refunds. All Code of Conduct violations during and outside of matches will result in disciplinary measures.

Disciplinary Action

Upon an offense requiring disciplinary action, it is recommended – but not required – that the Battle Axes official issue disciplinary action in this order:

  • The offending thrower will first receive a verbal warning
  • Should similar offenses continue a second time then their most recent match points will be brought to 0 and the match count as a loss
  • Upon a third offense by the same player, then the offending player will be suspended from the season or tournament

Players’ Stats

  • Player’s rank overall
  • Total points for the season (updated after each league night)
  • Overall points for each league night
  • Total number of matches played
  • Number of wins for each league night
  • Number of losses for each league night
  • Number of bullseyes for each league night
  • Number of “over the line” fouls for each league night
  • Number of forfeits for each league night