Axe-Throwing League Information


Regular League:

  • 3 matches each week
  • 15 throws per match
  • You can throw for the clutch every 5 throws but you must call it
  • Throw from the 14ft line or 12ft line. No thrower can cross the 12ft line.
  • Switch targets every 5 throws, last switch is picked by the thrower in the lead
  • Ranked by total points and seeded that way in tournament
  • Single elimination in tournament, final two is best out of 3
  • Trophies for Champion of tournament, most bulls, most clutches and highest ranked
  • This league is for newcomers and those fine tuning their throwing skills

The cost of the league is $125.00 plus tax.

This includes:

  • 6 weeks of play, week 7 tournament
  • League shirt
  • Two practice sessions a week
  • You can use your own axe
  • 20% off everything Battle Axes for the duration of the league